What is VESA? What To Know For Mounting Your TV

The abbreviation of VESA is a video electronic standard association that is used for the purpose of measuring the size of holes at the back of a flat tv screen and other flat panel displays. Almost all the manufacturers of the tv do follow these standards. They also want to ensure that their mounts are compatible with almost every kind of display. This standard organization is made up of 28 members that develop the standards for the consumer electronics industry. And all of the members and organizations show uniformity that to follow those standards is necessary for the people who are in the process of manufacturing.

What is VESA? What to know for mounting your tv
What is VESA? What to know for mounting your tv

Different classification

Here the classification means the different patterns of the VESA for different standards. There are some common classifications which can be named as VESA MIS-D, VESA MIS-E, VESA MIS-F. Each standard has a different VESA pattern. Now VESA pattern shows how the four holes on the back of a tv can be displayed or positioned in relation to each other.


Here some examples can be seen in which it is given that different patterns can be witnessed. The VESA MIS-D is the pattern in which the mounting holes have a distance of 75 or 100 mm vertically and horizontally both. However, in such a scenario, the whole pattern is written as 75 × 75 or 100 × 100mm.


However, VESA MIS-E has different patterns than MIS-D. It is the pattern in which mounting holes have two kin of patterns. In square kind of pattern, it has different sizes which can be said as 200 × 200, and in a rectangular pattern it measures as 200 × 100


However, in the MIS-F, it has six holes at the back of the display, which measures 200 mm apart. As a result, there are multiple configurations that are possible. Moreover, the pattern of the VESA can be a measured minimum of the 200 × 400 and a maximum of 400 × 800mm.

To measure the size of VESA.

It is not difficult at all t measure the distance of threaded holes on the back of the TV. You can measure the distance between the holes vertically and horizontally. You can also get the size from the manual and by checking the official website. Some of the steps are given below to measure the size of the VESA holes.

  1. First of all, unplug your tv from the wall, or if you measure the holes of new tv, then unpack the tv to do so.
  2. Turn around your tv so that you can see the back of tv clearly
  3. Then see the four threaded holes which you can find in the middle on the back of the tv.
  4. Then you can measure it by using the measuring tape by placing it on the horizontal side.
  5. Then you have to measure the vertical side too.
  6. Then if you have got the measurements in inches, then convert them in millimeter.
  7. For converting in millimeter, you need to multiply that measurement, which you got in inches by 25.4.

Determining size

As has been discussed above, determining the size is not a problem. You can make it possible by mere calculation. Measurement is necessary for the purpose if you want to take a stand through which you are going to connect it with the wall.

Where can I find my VESA size

One of the fastest ways to locate and measure the holes of your tv, which can be located on the back of your tv. You can easily measure the size of those four holes. You just need to measure the distance of the holes vertically and horizontally. Now you have got the size you see simple it is to get the size of VESA on your tv.

All the tv stands are VESA mount

All the tv screens are VESA mount, which means all the TVs shall be fitted with the wall as we see around us. So for that, it is recommended that you should look for the size of the VESA mount so that you can get the accurate mount. And you should also check your tv and read the manual of the tv so that you can make sure that the tv is VESA compliant. And the holes on the back of the screen can be measured easily.

How can I tell if my tv is VESA complaint

You can easily make sure by looking at your tv properly that your tv is VESA compliant and also you can have a look at the manual of the tv which is given in the packing of the tv. Manual of the tv guides each and every function related to the tv and also tells you that this tv is VESA compliant or not.

How to mount on the wall

It is very easy to mount tv on the wall. The main thing is that you should bring the amount of the proper size which is on your tv. Moreover, the quality of the mount is directly proportional to the price of the mount. There are some steps in which you can mount the tv on the wall. The steps areas:

  1. First of unpacking your tv
  2. Then you have to unpack the mount
  3. Afterward, there are two kinds of plates one will be connected with tv and other to the wall.
  4. Then take plate which is going to be connected with tv and insert the screw
  5. Then you will need a drill machine to make four holes in the wall
  6. Then you are going to fix the bracket in the wall
  7. Finally, it will be easily mounted on the wall.


VESA is a standard that guides the manufacturers how much distance there should be in the holes on the back of the tv. It is very simple to mount to the wall, as is discussed above. However, it is also very easy to measure the size between the holes.

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