How To Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10

If a user wants to go into the dual monitor’s setup, then this is going to be very beneficial for the readers. Here you would never be going to regret reading this because this is going to resolve your every kind of query. This article explains the scenario in the outright depth. The dual-monitor not just look well, but they also can be very productive in the case of multi-tasking. There you go!

How to setup dual monitors windows 10
How to setup dual monitors windows 10

Before configuring a multi-monitor step

When you are going to connect the monitors on your device, make sure all the necessary cables are connected well with the computer and monitor. This includes connecting power the cables used for video signal usage. If there are some cables not connecting, then leave the rest first to make sure that the model of the monitor does recognize the cable or not.

Switching display modes with shortcuts

In Windows ten, where there are so many facilities, one among them is connecting the monitor with the other monitor. In other words, it can be said that dual monitor or triple monitor. You can use here the short cut keys to connect the screen with any other screen wirelessly. You need to press the window button along with p. then there will be a window open in front of you on the right side of the screen on which there will be several options.

  1. Pc screen only
  2. Duplicate
  3. Extended
  4. Second screen only.

How to rearrange the multiple displays

It is feasible for you to connect your monitor by using video cables to any other. It is easy to plug them in the wrong order when you are joining the dual monitors or triple monitors. Moreover, they will work well, but you will face a certain amount of issues related to the use of the mouse for that you will need to rearrange them properly.

Several steps are given to explain

  1. Go to settings

First of all, you are required to go to the settings

  1. Go into the system

Then you need to click on the system to enter in the system

  1. Then click on the display

Then you will have to click on the display

  1. Then you need to select and rearrange the display

Then you need to click on the select and rearrange the display, and you have to drag and drop each display to rearrange them according to the desktop.

  1. Then click on the apply button.

Then to make sure that the changes will not have vanished, you need to click on the apply button.

How to adjust the display’s scale and layout

When you are going to join multiple monitors, then this feature will be of great use, because you will be able to set the screen resolution of all the monitors so that the text and apps will look of the same size on all the devices.

Selecting the correct scale

Here you will require to have a proper so that all the devices can coordinate with the set of instructions that you are giving to the one. It also means to equalize the text size of all the monitors connected to it.

Some of the steps are given to explain the phenomenon in detail:

  1. Move into the settings.
  2. Then go into the system.
  3. Then click on display.
  4. Then select and rearrange the display
  5. Then change the size of the text app and icon

Custom scaling

To specify the custom scaling value, it is important for you to follow:

Some of the steps are here:

  1. Open settings
  2. Click on the settings button
  3. Click on the display
  4. Then select rearranging display
  5. Then under the scale and layout section click on the advanced scaling settings
  6. Then you can adjust the size
  7. Then click on the apply button

Once you completed all the steps, then you are required to sign out of your account and then again sign in to check if the settings are good enough or not. If you want to go to the settings which were previously defined, then you need to uncheck the box of custom scaling.

Selecting correct resolution

Most of the time in windows ten after the connection, it gives you the option of customizing. Moreover, it also sets the resolution automatically.

For correction of the resolution, some of the steps are below:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then click on system
  3. Then move in the display settings
  4. Then click on the resolution
  5. Here you can change the resolution
  6. Click apply to make sure the changes.

Selecting correct orientation

In windows 10, you can rotate the screen vertically or horizontally. That can be helpful only when you have the monitors with rotating stands.

Some of the steps for the selection of correct orientation are as follow:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then to system
  3. Then go to display
  4. Select monitor which you want to set
  5. Click on orientation
  6. Click one option from given


Connecting two monitors wirelessly or with wires is fun and also can be used for the purpose of studying in a group. Moreover, this connection of two screens can also be made easy it does not require any kind of hard work.

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Q. How can we connect two screens with short keys?

You can do it by pressing the windows button and p at the same time, and then the window opens select the option which you want to.

Q. How can we connect the screens wirelessly?

It is not very difficult to connect the screen with another either by cable or wirelessly. With cable, you require HDMI or VGA cable, and wirelessly you can share the screen by pressing the windows button and p.

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