How to Play Pubg on PC – Complete Guide

More than two years have gone since its underlying release, PUBG is one of the most famous battle royale games out there that you can play on PC and consoles. PUBG Mobile is the form of the game accessible for Android and iOS. As a newbie, you may not have an idea about how to play pubg on pc.

How to Play Pubg on PC

There are many ways in which you can play pubg official game or pubg mobile on your pc with the help of an emulator and much more. To know how to play pubg on pc, you have to stay connected to this article.

How to Play Pubg on PC
How to Play Pubg on PC

In this discussion, we’ll disclose to you how to play PUBG on PC without an emulator and how to play PUBG Mobile on PC with an emulator.

How to Play PUBG on a PC emulator

A strategy that we are recommending isn’t for playing the PC version of the PUBG game, however rather through this technique, you will have the option to play PUBG Mobile on your PC with the assistance of an Android emulator.

Here we’ll share the best way to change PUBG emulator language to English.

How to Play PUBG on a PC emulator
How to Play PUBG on a PC emulator
  • Get to Google and search for download link and download the authority Gameloop PUBG Mobile emulator which used to be called Tencent Gaming Buddy in the past.
  • Download the file into your pc. After the .exe document is downloaded, install it on your framework.
  • Once introduced, open the emulator, which you’ll see will boot up in the Chinese language. First, before proceeding, you have to change the language to English.
  • To do that, provide the show order on your Windows PC by pressing Windows key + R and type regedit. Snap-on OK and from the menu, click on Yes.
  • This will open the Registry Editor with the MobileGamePC previously chose in the sub-menus on the left.
  • Under MobileGamePC, double-tap on UserLanguage and enter en_US in Value information. Snap-on OK and restart the emulator.

All things considered, that is it. After you open the emulator, in the search bar search for PUBG Mobile and then download and introduce the game in your emulator and once the game is installed, it will show up in the My games area of the emulator. You just have to click on it to play the game.

How to Play PUBG on PC for Free

In case that you don’t have a very good quality framework or you would prefer not to go overboard of additional charges for full form of pubg which requires you to pay, you can download PUBG Lite, which is a free form of the game for Windows.

How to Play PUBG on PC for Free
How to Play PUBG on PC for Free

It includes downsized illustrations which make it simpler to run on PCs or workstations with low-end systems. To download it on your PC, follow these means.

  • Go to the PUBG Lite site by searching the web and then go to the authentic source and then click on the yellow download button under PUBG Lite for PC.
  • On the following page of the main website, by and by click on the Download button to proceed.
  • After the PUBG Lite version is downloaded on your pc, open it and sign in to your PUBG account by entering your details and info.
  • In case you don’t have a PUBG account, make certain that you make one.
  • After you have signed-in, click on the Install button. This will install the game on your PC’s memory.

That’s everything; you would now be able to play PUBG on your PC, that too without paying any cost.

How to Play PUBG on PC Without an Emulator

PUBG PC is accessible to play through Steam. First, you have to install Steam, the most well-known PC game retail facade and afterwards follow these means, to begin with.

How to Play PUBG on PC Without an Emulator
How to Play PUBG on PC Without an Emulator
  • Go to the web and search and then download Steam for Windows PC and then install it on your system.
  • Once Steam is introduced, then you have open it and sign in to your account.
  • If something bad might happen, in case you don’t have a Steam account, you can make another account too.
  • After you’ve made your login, then in the base left corner, click on Add a Game and then click on Browse the Steam Store for Games and then you can search for PUBG.
  • From there, you’ll have the option to buy PUBG for Rs. 999. You simply need to tap on Add to cart then pick between two options for purchasing and then include an installment method before you make your buy.
  • Once you have the game bought, you can play PUBG on your PC.


In this discussion, we discussed how to play pubg on your pc. The data added here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions you have In mind, you can comment below or leave a mail to us.

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Can PUBG versatile play with PC?

Basically, it supports PC cross-play, but with limitations: PC players can’t simply join a versatile game to dominate a modest triumph royale. In the Tencent region, there is no PUBG versatile PC cross-play, yet. Anyway, matchmaking changes have been intended to dissuade PC players utilizing emulators to be coordinated with portable players.

How might I play PUBG without the application?

Indeed u can do it cloud gaming applications. Cloud gaming applications leave you to mess around for the cost to alone paid without downloading into your telephone. Numerous applications are in beginning phases of advancement and have early access to clients in Google Play Store. Vortex Cloud gaming is >50 MB; however you can play bunches of the game like PUBG, GTA 5 and so on.

Would you be able to confide in Tencent?

Financially, Tencent isn’t doing anything awful, truth be told, it’s an exceptionally fruitful and powerful organization. In any case, in China, simply being huge and fruitful doesn’t mean you will get regard or trust.

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