How To Install Google Camera Mod

You may not find it very good in terms of hardware; however, it has very good cameras. You should know that Google has achieved great outputs but not by adding some extra lenses like the other companies of smartphone manufacturers do. Many of the users of smartphone users have always been in need of the power and the quality that google camera offers. You can also be able to improve the images by using good quality software. Here this is the reason that many of the android devices been longing for non-pixel devices.

Install google camera mod
Install google camera mod

Download and install the google camera mod

Here it is not really difficult to install a Gcam mod on your device, but you can easily be able to do it. What you need to do is just follow the instructions. There you go:


First of all, you have to check some prerequisites that you need to complete before downloading it. Here are some of the things that you need to check before.

  1. Support for camera2 API
  2. In case if camera2 API is not supported, then you will need to enable it on your phone
  3. GCam Mod APK
  4. And the most important thing you need patience

Check phone if it supports camera2 API

In case you want to see that your android phone supports camera2 API, you have to install the app of camer2 API prob from the google play store. You have to simply install it, and after that, you have to launch it.

Enable camera2 API

In case you have camera2 API enabled, that means you are all set to start it up. However in case if the phone of yours does not support Camera2 API. Here you should not be really worried about it because you can enable it by rooting your device and by editing the “build prop” file on your phone or the other way by using the Magisk to enable the camera2 API. From both the processes whichever you want to choose, you can.

Editing build. Prop

In case you want to use the build. Prop and do not want to youse the Magisk, then you would have to download the build. Prop editor app for free. Here you can see

Editing build. Prop
Editing build. Prop
  • Here you will be required to launch the app and then give it root permissions. Afterward, you have to tap on the edit icon.
  • At the end of the build. Prop file you have to enter the following line
  • “”
  • Then the press enters the save icon to save it.
  • Afterward, you need to simply restart your computer
  • And then the camera2 API should be enabled now

Using a Magisk module

Here you can also have a Magisk module that you can also use to enable Camera2 API on your phone. Here you can say that the module camera2 API enabler is available via XDA, and you can easily install it on your phone by using the Magisk manager, and after that, it is going to enable the camera API for you.

How to install google on camera mod on Android phone

Once you have installed all the necessary prerequisites or in case you have skipped all the extra steps because you already had the Camera2 API enabled, then you have to just install the Google Camera Mode on your phone. Here choosing a mod for your mobile is really a tricky kind of thing, but in case you want to find the camera mods, you can search for it. However, it will cost you time, but for accuracy, you have to do it. now we are going to tell you the steps, and they are:

  1. Download the latest and stable mod apk file

Here you have to firstly download the mod that is really suitable to the device of yours, and it is really important to look it firs that either it is related to the device of yours or not. In case if it is not related, then you have to really pay the price.

  1. Head over to the xda- developers and find the device from the list

You can here go to the sda-developers and find the device where you have to look very carefully and thoroughly

  1. Install the APK file

Then you have to download the file of APK once you finished downloading you will witness the prompt on the screen that will say to you to allow the app installation from the external sources and you have to give the permission to the query. Do not feel unsafe because it is really secured and you can be able to get software safely here.

  1. After completion of the installation

Once the installation is complete, then you have to open the camera, and you are ready to use it. Now you will find the resulting quality really good.


Here we have seen the process of how to install the camera mod. Here we have also discussed the complexities that we are going to face during the process, and we also tried to address them all. Moreover, you can also have very good guidance through which you can be able to thoroughly know the Google camera mod that what it is.


What is Google camera mod?

Here you can say it is a software or app that can be helpful in taking your groomed pics.

Is it helpful in the non-pixel camera?

Yes, it is quite helpful in the non-pixel camera.

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