Best Smartphone Games That Do Not Need Wifi

There are so many games that have been created by many developers from which many of the games can only be played through wifi. However, in some parts, if there is no internet available, then you require to play without wifi. Nowadays playing a smart phone has become a hobby of so many peoples. That there are so many guys who spend more than their day on it. There are also some games which can also be played without wifi. Some of them are free, and some are not. Now we are going to tell you some of the games which can be used without wifi:

Best smart phone games that do not need wifi
Best smart phone games that do not need wifi

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley is one of the best game which can be played offline. It has beautiful graphics that are combined with challenging tasks, wordless storytelling in a beautiful way. The only fault was that it usually left the users too quickly. The sequels in this game deliver new levels and characters. It will be your best experience of yours in which you would not be able to solve them. Each level is different from the previous one sometimes, and you have to control both mother and daughter characters, sometimes one or other. It is the game that cannot be better explained, but it can be experienced well.

monument valley
monument valley

The old room sins

It was released in 2012, which became classic. It is one of the most difficult and terrifying puzzle game which has a perfect storyline. Now it is the fourth edition in line with the previous three.  The story of this game is that an engineer and his wife have disappeared, and the trail leads to their house. IT IS to overlook anything when you are in a hurry. You will come with the experience in this game that you will feel that you are really touching the things by your self.

old room sins
old room sins`


Really Bad Chess

It is one of the most entertaining games. The developer of this game has made this game very entertaining. Here the board and the rules are similar to the game, and starting pieces for both the players are the same. It looks like all the things that have been placed in an ambiguous way. Playing against the AI will let a player in a random assortment of pieces, even things up. As you get better in the game, you will be ranked up in the game. It also helps the inexperienced people. It is one of the best game that is liked by many.

really bad chess
really bad chess

Mini metro

Have you ever dreamed about running your own subway system? Whatever your answer is, it cannot stop you from playing this game mini metro because it is so fascinating. It is closely connected to cities like New York, London, and Paris. The main was to serve your growing population by building a proper system. Initially, you start with a limited number of trains and tunnels, but gradually you come up with the deployment of intelligent ideas as the city grows. It is very simple in the early stages; however, it gets difficult or hard with the passage of time. You can play in its multiple modes, among which one is an endless mode that switches off overcrowding that ends the standard game.

mini metro
mini metro

Roller coaster tycoon classic

It is also the game which is full of entertainment in which your job is to make very classy kinds of rides and facilities through which we can satisfy the wants of the customer. As a result, you h=can earn a handsome amount of money. You can also make a terrifying kind of roller coaster for the people. You can also use the previously made design, and in this game, you can make work piece by piece as you want.this gamegives you a chance to relax and also you can be entertained.


This game is really entertaining, and it is very good for those who like role-playing games. It is also one of the best offline games. It has been developed by old-school RPG fans its received persistent major updates ever since it initially came out. Even better, it does not compromise on the quality of the game. In this game, you are going to play as a warrior hunter. This game has three different worlds; each has different enemies. This game can be good time killer. Rather wasting your time you should try this game and kill your time in an effective way.


Infinity loop

If you want to play something relaxing, then it is definitely a loop. The concept of the game is really simple. You can rotate the puzzle pieces by just tapping on them. Actually, it is a puzzle game. Now you need to connect all the lines and close the loops. Its graphics are not very high, so it does not drain your battery. That means you do not require to worry about that.

Bloons TD 5

This game is the finest game ever. As it has so many monkeys who have the superpower, there are bombs exploding around outright mayhem unleashed because of the outrageous attacks done by helicopters. It is extraordinary fun to play this game; this will make your day. Actually it is a game in which there you will get all kind of fun and entertainment and also there is action too.

blooms td
blooms td

The battle of polytopia

This game is one of the games which changed everything. If we look at the reviews of the game, they are fantabulous. It is the best game to kill your extra time. Initially, you are are going to have a handful of tribes, but with the passage of time, you will be able to unlock further. It is also a good game that makes your min fresh.

Plague inc

It is one of the games which gonna make you addict to it. This is a fantabulous game, and it has awesome reviews from the side of users. In this game, you are not going to save the world, but what you need to do is upside down, and that is to kill everyone present on the planet by using a pathogen. This game is going to give you the feeling of care and here you can think of yourself as a super hero. This game is going to entertain you a lot.

plague inc
plague inc


All the games which can be used by the users for the purpose of playing without the internet or wifi are good because at most of the places there is no internet available. These games are the most competent fellow of a person if he is waiting somewhere or getting bored. In most parts of the world, there is internet available, but in case if there is no internet available in any part or restricted internet, then they’re a person requires such kinf=d of the game to kill time.


Why are such games required, which can be played without the internet?

Those games which can be played without the internet are required because if a person has no data or he is in such a place where no internet is available so he can kill time by such games.

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