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How To Install ADB Complete Guide

How To Install ADB

There are a lot of tutorials written for the purpose of how you can be able to access the features of the android platform that simply are not visible to the users. That can be done with the…

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Best Duplicate File Finder for PC

Best Duplicate File Finder   

Here we can say that the windows may not find it really easy to cope up with the duplicate files by itself. You should not allow the duplicate files to eat up the disk space. And this can…

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How To Use Key Remapper Windows 10

Key Remapper Windows 10

There are different reasons why you should remap the keys on your Windows ten. The layout might feel wrong, or the keys might be broken. Here you are not allowed in the windows to directly remap the keys;…

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How To Increase The Virtual Memory On A Windows

How to increase virtual by using settings

In case your computer is running on a low on virtual memory, you can improve it by going into the settings and the command prompt. Virtual memory is one of the essential components of windows 10. Virtual memory…

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How To Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10

How to setup dual monitors windows 10

If a user wants to go into the dual monitor’s setup, then this is going to be very beneficial for the readers. Here you would never be going to regret reading this because this is going to resolve…

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