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What is the Difference Between Router and Modem

What is the difference between router and modem

As you have heard so many times of both of them router and modem on the internet, probably you have not understood the difference between them. Moreover, the difference is that the modem connects you with the internet,…

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How To Text From Computer Using Email

Text messages from Mac

A person can send text from Computer using email on windows and Mac. As technological advancement is growing on such a fast pace that everything is possible in this world. It was an issue before the invention of…

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How To Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10

How to setup dual monitors windows 10

If a user wants to go into the dual monitor’s setup, then this is going to be very beneficial for the readers. Here you would never be going to regret reading this because this is going to resolve…

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How To Reset Your Amazon Echo | Complete Guide

how to reset your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a speaker which is developed by Amazon. For resetting this device, there are multiple ways. This device of Amazon Echo is full of entertainment, and it can be quickly brought to its total efficiency by…

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How to connect laptop and phone to vizio smart tv wirelessly

conect to smart tv

Nowadays, it has been witnessed that there is so much developed world. Where in the past, we cannot found even a tv connecting other than a cd player device, but today we can connect mobile and laptop with…

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What is the Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater?

What is the Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater

The Internet has entirely changed the lives of people, and a wifi connection extends its usage. It provides information, entertainment, and various other things at our fingertips. Thankful to wifi devices, it has become even more comfortable to…

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How To Get Disney Plus On Your TV?

How to Get Disney Plus on your Smart TV

Disney Plus is a subscription on-demand video streaming platform owned and operated by DTCI and a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. It is an entertainment giant and online hub to stream almost everything it produces. The platform…

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