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How To Search Pdf on Mac | Complete Guide

how to search a pdf on mac

In pdf documents, there are so many documents like pdf invoices, tax forms, research papers, and many other materials. In case you have as many as files are there as harder it will be for you to get…

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How To Restore Files From Time Machine on Mac

How to restore files from time machine on mac

You can easily restore the files on mac from the time machine. Here you can easily get the things back or you can recover the previous versions of files. However, time machine can be used within many apps….

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How To Remove Ads On Chrome

How to remove ads on chrome

There are different kinds of ads that can be very irritating by the passage of time, and they use to pop up on the screen repeatedly. Moreover, there are many ways to get rid of the ads in…

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What is VESA? What To Know For Mounting Your TV

What is VESA? What to know for mounting your tv

The abbreviation of VESA is a video electronic standard association that is used for the purpose of measuring the size of holes at the back of a flat tv screen and other flat panel displays. Almost all the…

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How To Stop Buffering on Your Firestick

How to stop buffering on your fire stick

It is ridiculous when you are watching your favorite season, and the Amazon firestick stop working or stuck. There may be a little problem with that and which may have a little solution. It has been often observed…

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Quickly Fix a Cracked Phone Screen With Toothpaste

How To Fix Phone Cracked Screen with Toothpaste

It is quite a problem for the users if they purchase a brand new phone and due to some reason, it got cracked so it would look very bad so to remove such kind of nasty cracks a…

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How To Text From Computer Using Email

Text messages from Mac

A person can send text from Computer using email on windows and Mac. As technological advancement is growing on such a fast pace that everything is possible in this world. It was an issue before the invention of…

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How To Block Text Messages in iPhone

How to block text messages in iphone

In today’s world, it has become very convenient for anyone to approach anyone in this world, it is also the fun hobby of some stupid people to get happiness from annoying someone. But now it has also brought…

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How to change Alexa’s voice

How to change Alexa’s voice

Alexa’s voice is really used for the purpose of controlling the voice in all aspects, either it is to change the voice. You can change the voice to any extent from different accents to also the celebrity accent….

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How To Reset Your Amazon Echo | Complete Guide

how to reset your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a speaker which is developed by Amazon. For resetting this device, there are multiple ways. This device of Amazon Echo is full of entertainment, and it can be quickly brought to its total efficiency by…

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