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Since then the technological advancement has taken place, and there are so many complications that also occurred due to different reasons for the security. Moreover, the issue of security on the side of technology has been a serious problem. For that, there are many solutions that are also discovered by many of the people around you. The one security is that is you can say built-in security of the mobile phone; however, you can also use different apps for more security. These gonna work well, and you can be on the safer side when you are in serious security issues.

This will provide you double security. Because in this unsafe world you need some of the software that are going to help you to keep your self secured from the intruders. You can also make your privacy the first preference by installing one of these apps. after installing any one of the app lock from the given list you will notice that your privacy has been strengthened.

List Of Best App Locker For Android

Here we are going to introduce to you different kinds of best app lockers for the android phones that will help you to secure your important apps.

best app locker for android
best app locker for android

Apex launcher

It is a mobile app locker that you can easily be able to download it from the app store. It has various features that are really helpful to you, and you gonna love this app locker in terms of security. This app locker is going to make you secure from this unsecured world. You can leave the worries that anyone can be able to jump into your privacy. Here some of the advanced features too present in the app through which you can be able to hide the important apps. This app lock provides you kind of double security one is from your phone, and the other one is from this app locker.

App lock by ivy mobile

Here this is another app locker that can help you secure your private data. You can also say it one of the best apps here on the app store, which can secure your plenty of files from being stolen. This app locker can lock any of the apps from your mobile apps. This app locker has the feature of pattern locks and also the keyboard to make you more secure. Here you will also get multiple themes, and here you can also hide any of the files that you want to. In case if a person is unable to remember the password do this device can also remind you by taking pictures. You can download this app locker free of cost from the app store.

Applock by kewiapps

Here you can say this is another app locker that is really simple and clean looking app locker. You can lock by this app locker any app of your phone, and you can make sure that the things or data in your phone is protected. Moreover, this app can also be a very good solution if you do not have good phone security. So you can use this app locker. Moreover, this app locker can be used for the purpose of making your data secured.

This app supports ten languages that are another plus point of the app, and you can use it either from you are any native speaker of those languages. That makes it easier to use. This app also supports pin, pattern, and fingerprint that makes it one of the most secure apps among all. You can also say here that it is one of the simplest app locks that are available in the market, and you can get it for free from the app store.

Applock by kewiapps
Applock by kewiapps

Smart app lock

You can say it is one of the most decent app locks that are present on the google play store. You can lock here all of the private data that you do not want to share with anyone around you. This app locker is going to keep your mobile safe. This app locker also provides you the feature to auto start again on the reboot of the device. Moreover, it also provides you the features of fingerprint unlocking of the device, and also, a keypad password is also there. You can easily be able to install it, and it is totally free for you to install this app. You can also keep the different files hidden from the others.

SpSoft app lock

You can say it is a wonderful option for app locks. You will witness here so many features like password and fingerprint security for the android devices. Your privacy will be highly secured here. It also will show you the selfie of the people who tried to intrude on your privacy. Moreover, you will witness that your privacy will be secured here. Here you also found some of the fun stuff. You can also customize from the option that it will show you a fake error on the screen rather than the lock. This is a good option; it also has 30 languages supported by that you can use. This app will also help you in keeping your screen on while using any other app.

SpSoft app lock
SpSoft app lock

Norton app lock

Here you can have another app locker that is Norton app lock that is developed by the famous anti-virus maker. You will notice that the app locker of this quite is one of the best app locks. In case if you are looking for an additional free and a good quality android app locker, then you have this wonderful choice.

Here you are allowed to lock the apps by fingerprints. Here you may not find many options in this ap however you will be able to protect it from uninstalling by giving the admin privileges to the app. You can also set here recovery mail. If you have lost the password, you can click on the forget password, and as a result, you can go for it. And this also has the feature of a sneak peek that is going to give you the photos of intruders. If anyone who tried to type the password and password got wrong, it would automatically take the picture that will give you the proof of intruders. Moreover, you can also get this app free of cost from the play store.


Here we have seen many of the apps that can be used as an app locker for the android devices. Here you can take them for the protection of your device and data. In most cases, there is a fear in the mind of the user that if the device got lost or anyone sneaked into the device, then their privacy will be directly affected. So to rescue their privacy, people can get the app locks. Here you will also witness that these apps are completely free of cost available and can easily be installed from the app store. here if you want to keep the data safe you can put it into the private folder and you can enable the password for that specific folder by going in to the app lock.


What is an app lock?

An app lock is an application developed by the developers to protect your private data. In case you have stored some private data on your device, then you have to assure it that it is safe, and for that, you have to take some extra measures, so here you can say that it is for the purpose of protection of your device.

How can they provide more security to the android device?

Here you should know that the android device has already a system of security through which the whole mobile’s data has been secured, but once you installed an app lock, then you have doubled the security first by the device itself and the other by taking the extra measure.

Is it safe to use the app locker instead mobile security?

Yes, it is quite safe to use the app lock instead of mobiles security because in that way you will be able to lock your specific apps that keeps your important data. however by locking the whole mobile will also irritate you to open it again and again.

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