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Top 5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

If you have an Apple device, such as an iPad, then you are most probably familiar with the Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil is the ultimate stylus for creating digital art and writing notes. The only problem it has…

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Best iPhone File Manager

Best iPhone File Manager Apps

While some users find the in-built File Manage app in iPhone good enough, it also doesn’t please the majority of iOS users. The main reason why the iPhone in-built File Manager app is not suitable for the majority…

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Top 10 Best WinRar Alternatives

4 Best Win Rar Alternative Tools

Compressing your files is one of the most used features on computers and is used for both personal and business purposes. We compress files and folders to decrease our data size and email them. For this purpose, there…

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Top 4 Best Face Swap Apps

Face Swap Apps

Have you ever thought how you would look like with another face? If yes, then there are a plethora of face swap apps that you can download and install it on your smartphone and figure it out. Nowadays,…

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Top Best Minecraft Mods

Best Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is one of the best selling video games, and about 180 million copies of the game have been purchased since its release in 2011. It is an incredible game that allows its players to build anything from…

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How To Install Google Camera Mod

Install google camera mod

You may not find it very good in terms of hardware; however, it has very good cameras. You should know that Google has achieved great outputs but not by adding some extra lenses like the other companies of…

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12 Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual Lane Gaming

12 Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual Lane Gaming

There are so many games that were invented for the purpose of playing it. In a multiplayer mode, the reason for that is the game is more enjoyable, and you do not require to connect t the internet…

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Best Voice Changers For Discord

best voice changer for discord

It is known that discord is software that can be used for the purpose of communication. Here you can also join so many of the chat rooms you can also communicate with your loved ones. Mainly it can…

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Best Ssh Client For Mac

Best Ssh Client for Mac

Here you can say that the SSH is a multi-purpose protocol for secure system administrator and file transfer you can also say that it is included in every system of Linux and Mac system. PuTTY can be said…

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How To Change Region On PS4

how to change region on PS4

Here we are going to discuss how you can be able to change the region. Here you should also know that the streaming services have different libraries for the many different countries here in case you want to…

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